Introduction to JIC Fittings


JIC Fitting can be actually a array of hydraulic fittings that’s produced in accordance with your SAE J514 standards. The acronym JIC Means Joint Industry Council. It’s also known as the JIC 37 degrees flare fitting because it’s a 3-7 degrees flare seating surface. These fittings are used on oil hydraulic systems in lots of areas (fuel delivery, gas electricity application, shipbuilding, mobile hydraulic equipment, etc.). . ) . A JIC KP-LOK Jic fittings matching system contains three components which create a tubing assembly: fitting, flare nut, and also sleeve.

Materials used to fabricate JIC fittings comprise stainless steel and stainless SS316L.
JIC human body and flare nut are available in outer diameter (“OD) sizes between 1/8″ into 1 2”. Sleeve includes two different reading dimensions, metric size (mm) and inch outer diameter (“OD). Sleeve size can be found from 3mm to 50mm and 1/8″ to 2”. Fitting sizes are designated by the corresponding outer width of the tubing for the numerous forms of tube endings.

The conventional working pressure of the fittings ranges from 1000 to 5000 psi for diverse sizes and relations. The minimum burst pressure is four times the working pressure. The JIC fittings must be able to withstand twice the working pressure for a time of just one minute without failure or leakage.
Please take note that the pressure evaluation of a same fitting may vary if it is connected to unique fittings. . By way of instance, if your fitting with a low working pressure is attached to a pipe, then it is going to lead to an overall lower working pressure. In all scenarios, always consider the lowest pressure while the maximum working pressure of the system.

How can a JIC matching functions:
For tubing links, the assembly procedure starts from the preparation of this tube. To begin with, the nut and nut are inserted onto the end of tube. With the use of a flaring tool, form the close of the tube to 37 degrees. Next, tighten the nut by using a spanner until the nut is tight and the sleeve grips on the tube. When the fittings are bench assembled, the gripping action can be figured out by rotating the tube manually while the nut is then drawn down. After the tube can no longer be rotated by hand, the sleeve has gripped onto the tube. While this happens,, tighten the nut by turning it one full turn. This could vary slightly with different tube substances, however for general exercise, it is a good guideline to follow.

Widely Used connection KP-LOK JIC Fittings kinds include: JIC/BSPP Male Connector, JIC/ NPT Male jack, JIC marriage, JIC/NPT Swivel Male Connector, JIC/BSPP Swivel Male Connector.
Make of JIC Fittings:
HS Corporation is a Korean producer Focusing on JIC Fitting. Launched in 1980, HS Corporation has over 30 decades of specialized experience in fabricating fittings.