Who is the Better Poker Player – McCain Or Obama?


The country is a mess. There is enough blame to go around. The President, the Congress, business leaders, financial institutions, etc.

We are experiencing today. The entire residential mortgage mess is at the center of the credit crunch. People who don’t have a clue about gambling were playing poker limits with our chips. Time for a change.

Our next President must be a great poker player. A trillion-dollar economy that knows when he has a winning hand and when he has trash. You must know when to bluff and when to fold. And he must be able to identify the “tells” of the people he meets, so he can determine when someone is telling the truth or lying M카지노.

We have a choice: John McCain or Barack Obama. Who is the better poker player?

We need some criteria to judge this crucial question:

1. Knows what to do with 7-2 offsuit?

Advantage: John McCain.

Why? McCain almost lost his life in the Vietnam War. He was shot down over North Vietnam and had serious injuries was held captive from 1967-1973. He was tortured in prison and lived with physical injuries from this service. No one can fully understand what man lived through in those prisons. He got dealt with the worst hand, and came out a winner. Impressive.

2. Knows what to do with pocket Aces?

Advantage: Barack Obama

Why? This guy has been on a poker rush. A rush in the poker hands and over again. That is certainly the case for Obama. He is a smart, ambitious, and must have dealt with cards for running after only five years in the Senate. Getting pocket Aces is important. Knowing what to do with them is even more important. Obama knows what to do with pocket acces.

3. Knows when to bluff?

Advantage: John McCain

Why? McCain’s maverick position in the Republican party, but he has a solid history of voting for conservative positions. is he going to seek “change” or he just realized that everyone wants change given the recession or near recession our country is experiencing. It looks like a bluff. Will he pull it off?

4. Knows when to fold?

Advantage: Barack Obama

Why? He admits to being a long time poker player. While in the Illinois legislature, he regularly competed in low-stakes poker games with colleagues. He was known as a poker player who would play it safe and not take chances. He knew when to fold’em.

5. Can identify tells in those around him?

Advantage: Undetermined.

In the movie “Rounders” there was a great tell using Oreo cookies. When faced with a big decision, Teddy KGB, played by John Malkovich, would reach his tray of Oreos and lift one. When he held a weak hand, he turned the Oreo in front of his face, pushed the Oreo back and place back on the tray. When Teddy KGB is a good one, he’d place the Oreo cookie by his ear, open it and eat the halves one at a time.

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